5 Tips For Finding The Perfect House (Without Getting Overwhelmed)

We use the term “perfect” to describe your future home but the truth is there is no perfect home. Every home has it’s flaws no matter the price range. What may be “perfect” to one person may be the wrong fit for another. Same is true for home features, square feet, yard space, number of bedrooms, garage, pool, the list goes on and on.


That is why Tip #1 for finding the perfect house is, Having Realistic Expectations. This means starting your house hunting journey with the realization that no one house is going to be “perfect” in every way. There may need to be changes made (small and large) to make it your dream home, but understanding the importance of compromise and overlooking nuances is a major part of house hunting. We’re not suggesting you settle for a home you’re not completely satisfied with. Understanding there will always be something you don’t love about a particular house is what will make you a lot less overwhelmed when the time comes to shop around.

Tip #2 is Have An Idea Of What You’re Looking For Before You Start Shopping. What are your “must haves”? Make a list of your deal breakers and talk it over with your family beforehand. Does your future include growing your family size, space, etc.? Would you like to stay in a particular school zone? Are you upgrading or downsizing? Theses types of questions and more may help you narrow down your search by location, house size, etc. This will also make the house hunting process less overwhelming.

Have a budget and stick to it. Don’t let the oohs and ahhs sway you from making a practical decision. That is why Tip #3 is Live Within Your Means. The reason this tip follows Tip #2 is you can’t know what you can afford until you make of a list of your needs versus your wants. If you get stuck on a house for the way it looks you may be missing out on an opportunity for a home that is both functional and financially affordable.

While you’re house shopping you may at one point or another wish the whole process was over with. From choosing a realtor, to open houses, tourings, drive bys and paperwork it can seem like a daunting process. Which brings us to Tip #4…Be Patient. New homes get put on the market every week so there is no need trying to rush to find the perfect home. However, if you find a home that is perfect in price, location and other aspects important to you then realize you may have found the one! If not, don’t get overwhelmed and don’t settle for something you may regret down the road.

Tip #5 is the most important – Don’t forget to have fun! This may be the last time you shop for a new home. It may be your first. The point is, don’t get tied down in the details of it all and remember this is a memory that will last for years to come and to enjoy the adventure. Use weekends as an opportunity to tour homes with an open house even if you’re not considering buying it. Shopping around will give you a better idea of what you want or what you’re looking for in your home. 

Images and sources: HGTV, Huffington Post, WikiHow

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