7 Tips for Selling Your Home in the Winter

Putting your house on the market in the winter may seem like a less-than-great idea to some, but it can actually be a good thing!  Don’t hibernate and wait for spring!  Selling your home in the colder months may mean that there is less competition.  Follow these 7 tips to entice homebuyers to take a look at your home:

  1. Clear pathways:  Shovel your walkways and driveway.  And do so often, especially if there has been a snowfall or if ice is present.  You want prospective homebuyers to enter the home easily and without risk of slipping.  Another plus?  It helps your home and lawn look well-maintained.
  2. Keep it warm:  Set your thermostat at a comfortable temperature.  Don’t freeze people out!  Making the home too cold may mean homebuyers walk through quickly and don’t have the opportunity to see all that your home has to offer.
  3. Clean the windows:  Keep the windows clean and free of dirt, ice melt or leftover snow.  You’ve seen cars streaked with white and windshields left spotty due to ice and snow, make sure you avoid that with your home’s windows.
  4. Keep entryways clean:  We track in snow, mud and dirt in the winter and it gets on floors and rugs.  Dirt is a turnoff for homebuyers in general but when you’re cleaning your home pay extra attention to the areas that get the most foot traffic.  Hang up coats, hats and scarves and put away boots, or place them in a neat line.
  5. Make it cozy:  Draping throws over the backs and sides of chairs and couches add a warm feel to the living room and family room.  A plump quilt folded at the foot of beds and rugs on bare floors add that homey feel homebuyers are looking for.
  6. Lighten up:  Make use of indoor and outdoor light.  Open blinds and curtains during the day and turn on a few lights throughout the house.  Put lights on a timer so when the sun starts to set and night falls, more lights turn on.  The winter months are dark and dreary.  Making good use of light will cheer your home right up.
  7. Emphasize selling points:  Does your street get plowed often when it snows? Do you live near a ski resort?  Does the home have great winter views?  Entice prospective homebuyers with those winter perks they may overlook when purchasing a home in the spring or summer.

As always, utilize your Realtor’s knowledge when it comes to setting the stage for selling your home in the winter, and all year round.


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