Decorating Your Home for the Holidays While Selling

Mistletoe with gold ribbon bow over dark wood background.
You don’t have to forego decorating your home for the holidays because you’re selling it.  But there are a few things to keep in mind before pulling out all your favorite holiday trimmings.

Clean and Stage:  Pare down any knick-knacks you already have on display in your home. Adding more decor to an already cluttered room will make it feel overcrowded.

Less is More: Create a cozy vibe with a few subtle touches.  A bowl of pine cones on the coffee table, or a simmering pot of cider on the stove will give your home a feeling of warmth.

Keep it Simple Outside:  Hang a wreath, but put away the life-size nativity scene and inflatable snowman.  Go sparingly on the lights.

Keep the Tree Neutral:  Steer clear of bright red ornaments and use blue, silver, gold or white.  Use white lights instead of multi-colored.  You want the tree to be an accent, not take center-stage.

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