DIY Tips for Home-Staging

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Staging your home for sale highlights its strengths, downplays its weaknesses and can help appeal to a wider pool of potential buyers.  While some sellers opt to hire a professional to stage their home, others may want to do it themselves.  Here are some tips for the DIYers among us:

  • Remove Clutter:  One culprit of making your home appear cluttered?  Too much furniture.  Take a look around and decide what you can live without…and pack up some of those knick-knacks, personal items and personal photos.
  • Clean:  Nobody wants to walk into a dirty home so clean, clean, clean.  Dust, scrub, vacuum, mop, etc.  Make the space spotless. Don’t forget to clean the light fixtures, dust the fan blades, and make your appliances sparkle inside and out.
  • Entice the Entryway:  Purchasing a new welcome mat and hanging a wreath on the front door makes the home inviting.
  • Create Balance:  If you want a room to look bigger, paint it the same color as the adjacent space, but keep it neutral.  (Add some color with throw pillows or flowers.)
  • Sweat the Small Stuff:  New accent pillows on the couch, matching towel sets in the bathrooms and a pretty vase of fresh flowers feel welcoming and appeal to buyers.
  • Shed Some Light on It:  Buyers like light and bright, so use higher wattage bulbs. Open shades, blinds and curtains.
  • Define a Room’s Purpose:  Did you make the dining room or a bedroom into the office?  Switch it back.
  • The Great Outdoors:  Curb appeal may apply to the front of the home’s exterior, but don’t forget about the backyard.  Create a cozy sitting area with your patio furniture and polish the grill so it shines.

Bake an apple pie or some cookies prior to the home being shown for an extra touch that will appeal to all the senses!

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