Home Updates That Make “Cents”

Patio2If you are in the market to sell your home, then you may also be in the market to make some updates that will add value to your home.  From small scale projects that don’t cost much out-of-pocket to large scale projects that require more time and money, there are plenty of changes you can make to your home to add value.

Have your floors seen better days?  If the carpets are only lightly soiled, then having them shampooed will do the trick; however, removing worn, dirty carpet and replacing with new carpet will add more value to your home than shampooing alone.  Consider laying hardwood floors for an even greater return on your investment.

It is amazing the difference a fresh coat of a paint makes! Repairing chipped walls and adding a fresh coat of neutral-tone paint not only brightens a room, but also makes the room feel clean and inviting!  Painting the outside of your home will also add value.  If the exterior doesn’t need a new coat of paint, having it power washed will brighten it up!

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People spend a good chunk of time in the kitchen and bathrooms so take a look at those areas of your home.  While complete remodels are sometimes necessary, sometimes they are not. Refinishing or painting cabinets and replacing drawer and cabinet pulls and hinges are both cost-effective and add value. Replace faucets and toilet seats and repair any damaged sinks, tubs or tiles.  And don’t forget to re-caulk!  Be sure that the plumbing is in good working condition and that there are no leaks or drips.  If appliances need to be replaced, consider energy-efficient models!

One term we often hear is: curb appeal.  You could have the best house on the block but nobody will get to the front door if they can’t see your home through the thicket surrounding it.  Take some time prune hedges, cut back limbs and remove weeds from flowerbeds. Mow the lawn so the grass isn’t overgrown and remove any debris from your yard.  Repair or replace a damaged fence and repaint if necessary.deck-addition-value-ROI-2015_3e9f603cd509d3aa39af09b76cc1f4ec

While you’re outside, have you considered a deck?  If not, you should.  A deck addition is one of the most beneficial of all home improvement projects.  Why? Unlike pools, decks add living space to your home!

Regardless of your budget, there are numerous ways to add value to your home.  Always keep in mind that regardless of how much you spend, whether it be a large sum or a small sum, the return on investment will be great!

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