Reasons We Love Hampton Roads

Reasons We LoveHampton Roads

Hampton Roads, how do we love thee?  Let us count the ways.

  1.  The Beaches!  Need we say more?  Probably not, but we will!  Hampton Roads is a coastal community surrounded by not only the ocean but we’re chock full of rivers and lakes, too.  There’s plenty of water to go around for family fun, relaxation, fishing, watersports and more!  Check out this guide for some beach hot spots!
  2. The Food!  From seafood (one of Virginia’s specialities!) to good ol’ southern comfort food (another one of VA’s specialities!), farm-to-table dining, and eclectic foods, we have it all, and we love it all!  Try a new spot as often as you can and visit all your old favorites.  If you’re visiting and want to try a local’s spot, just ask!  We’re pretty friendly!
  3. Family Friendly!  Call us biassed, but we think Hampton Roads is a pretty great place to raise kids.  Not only do we have the beach (we just can’t get enough of the Atlantic), but there are tons of options to entertain the entire family.  The Virginia Zoo recently welcomed two new tiger cubs, Jamestown transports us back in time to 1607 when it was settled.  Kids will love seeing the Powhatan Indian Village and climbing around replicas of tall ships.  Don’t forget Busch Gardens while you’re in Jamestown.  Talk about an awesome day for everyone!  The Virginia Living Museum and Virginia Air & Space Center are pretty cool as well! In fact, you’ll find a museum or two in every city along with a few national wildlife refuges, one of the nation’s best park systems, free concerts in many cities and just plain fun for everyone!
  4. The Military!  Hampton Roads is the east coast epicenter of the armed forces, and we couldn’t be prouder to have these servicemen and servicewomen in our backyard. Along with a huge Navy footprint (Norfolk is home to the world’s largest naval base) the region hosts major Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard facilities.
  5. The People!  Although we’re not the most southern of the entire south, we still have that charm!  You’ll find friendly faces, welcoming embraces and a pretty happy community of people who love where we live and who want you to love where we live, too!

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